Grandma’s money,mortgage and menage

After putting Grandma Lee in the Nursing home. Her son and daughter-in-law realize they could not keep up with the payments of the nursing home.

When payments got into the big picture, that means family started to get into the picture. Because “WE NEED HELP” became their slogan.

But, they forgot to realize that it was not them that needed help, but Grandma Lee. She was now in a place she did not want to be, around people she did not know and away from her comfort zone, all because of her children.

How long will she be in the home? No one knew.

“We’ll, before she leaves, she has to make improvements on her health”.

However, it wasn’t the best environment for her. How can one possibility make improvements in an environment their minds have a hard time functioning in?

So, one month, turned into two months and two months into three and so on and so forth until…she is still in there today.

(I got the photo from google images)


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